How to ace your IB Economics exam?

Well, that’s a very loaded question! The IB Economics exam consists of two papers for SL students: paper 1 and paper 2, and an extra paper for HL students: paper 3!

Each paper assesses different skills: essay-writing using analytical and evaluative skills, ability to draw and explain diagrams, ability to perform calculations, ability to define key terms, ability to apply theory and data to make policy recommendations, to name a few!

As the IB Econ Guru, I run a ten-lesson / two-week course on Outschool to help students from both HL and SL prepare for their exams. Using a variety of questions from all papers examined, I review key parts of the syllabus and allow students to practice all skills they need to practice to do well on their exams. The course can be intensive over two weeks or can be once a week over a period of ten weeks. The course is also open to students from both SL and HL, and discounts are given to enrolled students who bring a group of friends or classmates to join too!

Check out the link here and request a time that works for you!

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