The perfect economics Paper 1 Part (B) essay?


So, you finished your Paper 1 Part A essay worth 10 marks, where you did the DEED. Now you have your Part B essay worth 15 marks. How do you go about writing it?

Again, borrowed from Tim Woods: Do the DEED and CLASPP it all together!

The Part B essay is the ‘evaluation’ essay. How do you ‘evaluate’ in economics?

Start by defining key terms, explaining relevant concepts and theories, giving relevant contextualized real life example and drawing a diagram/s, as you would in a Part A essay, then pick 2-3 evaluation ‘talking points’ from the acronym CLASPP:

1- C => Conclusions: what can you conclude from the theory that you have explained in your analysis? Are there any ‘conflicting’ conclusions that can be drawn from this analysis?

2- L => Long term vs Short term: are there long term effects or implications different from the short term effects or implications? Your ability to explain that consequences happen in different time frames is a very good evaluation skill.

3- A => Assumptions vs Limitations: what are the assumptions of this model or analysis? What are the limitations of these assumptions or the limitations of the model? Recognizing that economic models are not perfect and they have their limitations is a very good evaluation skill.

4- S => Stakeholders gaining vs Stakeholders losing: every economic decision or policy or event has stakeholders that gain and stakeholders that lose, and being able to identify in details those winners (and how they win) and those losers (and how they lose) is a very good evaluation skill.

5- P => Pros vs Cons: recognising the advantages and disadvantages, the strengths and weaknesses, the pros and cons, is definitely the most basic evaluation skill.

6- P => Priorities: recognising the differences in priorities of the government vs priorities of the individual vs priorities of society, and how different economic agents have different priorities, is a very good evaluation skill.

To wrap up, in Paper 1 Part B questions, Do the DEED and then CLASPP it all together! You should finish your part A essay in 18 minutes maximum, and your part B essay in 27 minutes maximum!

Here’s a short video to explain in more detail:

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    1. Part a usually takes 1 page to 1.5 pages, and part b about 2 pages to 2.5 pages. These are hand-written pages, average size hand-writing.

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